You know it's time to quit when


It was late, I was getting sleepy but just couldn’t quit playing. Then I started dozing off, sitting in front of the PC. Right away I was dreaming - with the game running on a screen in my dream, with new monsters showing up, doing crazy things, then I was awake again, continued playing for half a minute, went to sleep, with the game still running in my dream. Even the scenery was doing weird things - morphing and changing colors. I woke up, fingers still on the keys…Must get through…this…level…ZZZZZZZZZZ :laughing:
(But I did make it to the end of the level before I shut down.)

The same thing happens when I’m reading in bed - the instant my eyelids drop, I’m still reading, the words taking the story on an entirely different route - I can see the page in my dream, the words going on and on. As with the game on the PC, I finally reach a chapter break and turn out the light.

One of the strangest things that happen in my day to day existence.


I can’t say I’ve ever had a dream like that, but I think I’d be terrified if I did!


I don’t always dream when I doze off. What’s worse is that I’ll wake up and my little guy has been killed because I had my finger on a key that sent him right into the path of an enemy. :smiling_imp: