Will Spear of Destiny ever be available again from Apogee/3D Realms?


I was wondering will Spear of Destiny ever be available to buy again from Apogee and 3D Realms? If it was released as a digital download I would buy it just for old times sake. I have Spear of Destiny on Steam as well as the Super CD version. The Steam version is the Activision version. The Activision version contains UAC logos on the final level of the episode 3 Spear of Destiny game. The Super CD version is the original formgen version without the UAC logos. Mars is shown, so it still references the DOOM video games.


Spear of Destiny wasn’t published by Apogee back when it was released.
It was published by FormGen Corp.

And given that ZeniMax/Bethesda now own id Software and all their IPs, no. I would say not to expect Spear of Destiny to be available from 3DR anytime in the future.