Why are the Apogee Boxed Mail Order Games so Expensive?


How come your not selling any Joe3DR?


Such a thing does not exist. There were no boxes for Halloween Harry. There was a box for Alien Carnage, but we didn’t have anything to do with it. FormGen put out some older games in retail, but…

a) To call it an “Apogee big box” is incorrect, as we didn’t have anything to do with it.
b) We never sold that directly.
c) Was a limited time retail box. It’s pretty rare, IMO.

I sold a bunch of my stuff in 2010 and 2011 when I was still unemployed from my days at old 3DR. What I have left is considered untouchable. Don’t want to sell off anything else.


Mine is packed away in a box, kind of annoying to get to it. Only image I could find of it in a quick internet search.

We didn’t put that out.


Edit: found a copy of Halloween Harry


None of those materials are from Apogee directly. Those are Manaccom materials, one of (if not the) largest Australian distributors at the time. Our distributors were free to make their own materials like this.

But it did not come from US DIRECTLY, so to call it an “Apogee box” is incorrect. This is a “Manaccom box”.

Additionally, I want to let you know I think it’s cool you’re collecting these. If I had the time (or the money), I’d probably do this myself. Just that I care about getting it right - these materials are not from Apogee as such.