Why are the Apogee Boxed Mail Order Games so Expensive?


Hello, why are the Apogee Boxed Mail Order Games so expensive? I have seen some for sale lately and prices are insane. Is there any reason for this? Thanks for your help.


Can you please be a bit more specific, commanderted?

First, are you referring to the general black-blue Apogee boxes used for a certain time to ship mail orders?
Because this are the only official ones I can think of in terms of boxed releases.
All other boxes are local variants of different publishers.

Second, which boxed copies including which games (important) selling for which prices have you seen lately?
For some $20 is already insane for an old game while others say $200 for a rare game (box) is ok.
And e.g. a mail order of Wolf3D in the generic Apogee box is of higher value as Blake Stone, … .

But to add a short answer already:
Apogee games are awesome and boxed copies of it are even more awesome :wink:


Pardon? That’s a misnomer, as we shipped VERY FEW games in retail boxes via mail order.

Additionally, what Kosh said. Need more detail. what EXACTLY are you referring to here? Need more info.


Alright, yeah i am referring to the black-blue boxes. Someone is selling Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny and Monster Bash in ‘The Height Of Gaming Excitement’ box with the Catalog for 650 Euro’s. Is that really worth that price? And if so is it because of the rarity. Thanks.


So €216 per box?

I heavily doubt if all three would auctioned together that they will end ‘that high’ (650).
If they are auctioned individually Wolfenstein 3D could end higher than €200.
Always depends on how many ‘crazy’ collectors are out there at the same time.
Plus ‘buy it now’ offers shouldn’t be considered as benchmark prices.

Simple: there is no price tag on these kind of boxes.
So YOU decide how much they are worth and if you’re willing to pay (that much) it seems you yourself found the answer to that question :wink:
The black-blue boxes are prone to damage which should take into consideration too.
If you’re thinking about getting one/ all - make sure you get pics from all sides!
I have four of them myself and happy that they are in ‘good’ shape.


Thanks for your help. There is only box but three games in it. What games do you have?


Oh I See :slight_smile:

That was the good part about the blue-black boxes:
You mail ordered several games and got them all in one box.

I have to check later which games are included in my boxes.
Because some games are added as bonus.
I know I have Wolf3D because of the additional manual - same for Blake Stone.

(and I wouldn’t pay that much for ONE box including several games)

Added two pics of my boxes.
The games included are in the boxes and not shown.
Only example is Wolf3D on the second pic.


WOW, that looks amazing. I guess you wouldn’t sell any of them.


And no, Sir :wink:


Oh man, not even 2 or 1?


But that would be 50% or 25% of my collection :wink:


You remind me of the guys from a TV program called ‘American Pickers’ sometimes they don’t want to sell there treasure. But i like them alot. :wink:



Well… it took me a while to get these boxes as you know how rare they are.


Do any of your games have the Catalogs with them?


Think 3 of 4 if not all does.


You are a Legend :grinning:


Haha. No, no. Just an ambitious collector :wink:


Have sent you an email.


I have several of those in my archives from working there, but not for sale.

In good condition, they’re probably pretty rare yeah. What they’re worth is up to the person buying it, really.


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