Where is the console version?

I thought the game was coming on xbox one and ps4? Nothing in the xbox one store at all…

It’s launching on PC first, and then on console later. They haven’t announced a date yet. Unless I’ve misunderstood the credits in the PC game, they’ve hired another company to handle the console port. If that’s the case, it may be here fairly soon, but I don’t know how these things work.

Mark is correct. The console version isn’t done yet. Will be soon, but no date is available yet.

Just wondering if there’s any news about console release? Really want to play this but my PC sucks lol.

The last update about the 1.3 patch (which is the version that’s supposed to be used for the console releases from what they’ve said) was on September 21 on the Steam boards. It simply said they were still working on it, but nothing about a release window.

It will still happen, but not right at the moment, the team is working hard on Rad Rodgers right now.

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