Where can I find big box Apogee games for under $60


I’ve been breaking my balls of steel to find some Apogee games lately. I like them, and I want them pretty badly. I like Death Rally, Raptor: Call of Shadows, and Duke Nukem II. Those are the main ones I want that I want boxed.

Anyone know where I can find them for a completely non BS price?

Do they have secret warehouses of these in Texas?

I would like to know.


You can find them for U$ 0 on thepiratebay.org. Just saying…


I’m talking about boxed physical copies, I collect those.


Im pretty sure they don’t make those boxes anymore, people won’t buy them. You will have to pay the BS price because of rarity.


You will have to wait around. They are VERY pricey when they show up on ebay, due to their rarity. They are the types of big box games that most people like to collect, so their demand is pretty high. I’ve seen several copies of Wacky Wheels sell for hundreds of dollars.

However, if you wait and stay patient and keep peeking around Ebay and Amazon, then you might be able to get lucky. I got my boxed copy of Death Rally for 20 usd, and a sealed Mystic Towers for 50. I’ve seen a complete copy of Raptor COTS sell for 25 bucks, etc. So basically; you can pay the bs prices to have it right then and there, or you can wait around for months to possibly years and find one for a cheap price. When searching, make sure instead of typing “big box” you type in ibm or pc. For example, when looking for Hocus Pocus, you might get luckier when you search “hocus pocus pc” or “hocus pocus ibm” because people who aren’t familiar with the big box stuff will list it under titles like those, and more likely than not when they don’t know about them, they will list the items for cheaper. That’s what’s helped me find the few that I’ve been able to find. Hope this helped somewhat, and good luck in your apogee hunting journey. :wink:


Yeah, I’m aware that copies of Wacky Wheels and Keen can go for $$$, I saw a sealed copy of Wacky Wheels sell for like $350 a couple weeks ago. I wouldn’t pay that much even if I was a billionaire. I also saw some weird Rise of the Triad copy a year ago, and the box had a crapton of formatting errors, and it was like $45 or something. Other than that, I haven’t seen any boxed Apogee games (in the FormGen boxes) since Draconian Games was still around, and that was like three years ago, unless I’m just too late to find anything once people buy them. And yeah I usually have bad luck like that unfortunately.

Yeah and thanks for the search tips, I automatically type in “big box” for a lot of searches, and I did manage to find more CD copies, hopefully I find one which turns up boxed!

But seriously, I do hope they find a warehouse of these and they go real cheap, because I only live down the street from the old HQ.


Where I previously lived, I was about 30 minutes out from 3D Realms themselves and 15 mins away from ID (which once I get my degree will hopefully end up working at) :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a sealed Keen 6 copy sell for 950. What in the hell man hahaha
I would pay probably max 150 for a SEALED copy of Wacky Wheels since that game is pretty tough to find, and I personally have alot of nostalgic attachment to it. The rarest game as far as Ive seen though, is Realms Of Chaos. The one with the blue US box is practically non existent and I’ve never seen a single copy go for sale in my 7+ years of collecting. Hope I’ll get it one day.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Draconian games! I remember buying some games for pretty reasonable prices. Wish he was still around haha.

And no prob dude! You probably have to end up searching for these games every day if you want them that badly; that’s how I was able to get the few that I have right now. I also recently got Alien Carnage for 60 and Balls of Steel for 50. (both big boxes and sealed.)