What was the last game you played: New Era


Rott 2013

No clue how to do screenshots, so only one image, in Windowed mode.


Steam have a screen shot function built into it’s overlay.
Just go to your Steam Settings menu, go to “In Game” and from there you can adjust what button is used to take screenshots.

Then just use your screenshot library to upload screens, and share them.


I’ve got this game on GoG.
I tried F1 to F12. Is there a trick to make screens? I even searched for ‘latest’, to find a image, on a very large disk, after doing all the Fs.

No matter, the game is solid. :sunglasses:


No idea.
You can always use a third party program, or another overlay program like Nvidia’s GeForce Experience.

But, as for RotT itself… I couldn’t tell you if it has it’s own dedicated screenshot function.
I’m not a fan of the game. Any of them.
I didn’t like the original RotT, and as such… had no real interest in the remake. Which, while I can see it shows a strong affinity for the source material, it’s not made for me.

This has always been a rather… humorous “issue” over time. I’ve had people yell at me, cuss at me, had some say that I shouldn’t be a moderator at 3DR forums if I don’t like their games (even though most fail to see that the new RotT is not a 3DR game).
As if I’m not allowed to have my own taste or opinions just because of a volunteer position on the internet.


Aww… memories. :smiley:


Apparently the Screenshot feature disappeared with the last Rott update.

The game was on sale, and comes with its level editor, my ‘passion’; playing around with levels. I am not a Fan either, technically, I’m not a fan of any game, just looking for variety. :smiley: