What was the last game you played: New Era


Agreed about the new Doom. Certainly a reboot worth playing. This is probably what Doom 3 SHOULD have been, imho. Nobody cared for that dumb “storyline-based gameplay” from Doom 3, they just wanted to run and gun some imps, demons, zombies, whatever. Glad Bethesda got id to see reason with this reboot.


I love Doom 3.
It’s a great game and one I’ve replayed countless times.


I have played with SNIPER X WITH JASON STATHAM on My Android.


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Xbox One).


WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness. Man, oh man, do I miss playing this game after, oh, lemme see… 15 - 20 years, perhaps? I’m sorry, but this is probably better than WoW and WC3 combined! This goes back to when Blizzard actually made QUALITY games…


Mass Effect Andromeda

I think I need a new computer to run this. Mine meets the minimum requirements for it. Getting around 20-25 FPS on low to medium settings in most areas. Some places are 15-20 FPS.

Otherwise, I love the game.


Well, talked myself into it, installed WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos on my modern PC, and currently installing its Expansion Frozen Throne. I was wondering when I was going to warm up to the Battle Chest that I’ve had laying around for a while.


RBI Baseball 2017 on Xbox One.


Mafia III

Started a brand new game…

I really love this game. I know people hate it… but… pfft. I don’t care.
I don’t play games for other people. :slight_smile: I play them for me.


Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Such a great game.
And it’s nice to not have to jump through hopes and work around GFWL to play it now.
The changes are very subtle, and unless you’ve recently played the original release, most likely you won’t see it. But, it’s there.

Really hope this does well. People Can Fly deserve the attention, and I’d love a Bulletstorm 2.
Plus, PCF get 100% of the revenue from the game’s sales for the first 100,000 copies sold. Only after that do Gearbox make any money as publisher. That’s pretty awesome on GBX’s part.


For some reason, Duke doesn’t really belong in Bulletstorm’s world.


Because despite the action and tone of the game, the story is very emotionally focused and built around some very strong character development.
Something Duke doesn’t really do that well.



This game is so damn awesome.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Just… damn.
So far, damn is all I have to say. It’s worth 30 bucks. Without question. If you were interested, get it… buy it. Now. Ninja Theory did something truly amazing and special here.


Play virtual table tennis 3D. A great ping-pong game that will make you feel beyond real!
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Rad Rodgers
Getting all the hats. I thought this one was cute in particular <3


Amid Evil

Really loving this. Can’t wait for the other four episodes to release.

Also, started a new game in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The new story DLC came out, so, seemed like a good time to start a new character and run through it again.


So, posting after myself…

Also… FarCry 5…


Rad Rodgers
Level 8 on World One is really kicking my ass.

Challenge accepted.


More Necrovision…

I do wish it stuck with the WW1 trench warfare themes longer… but, still a really good game.