What was the last game you played: New Era


Skyrim. Playing a Succubus (big surprise)…


Witcher 3 - Blood and wine! I actually think I am in love with that game! :smiley:



I finished Resident Evil 4 last week. So…

Resident Evil 5

Finished it yesterday… for about the third time. My feelings on it are about the same as they were the first time I played it.
Solid game. Fantastic visuals. Sheva needs to go.
Always getting in your way. She just dumps ammo like crazy. Just… annoying having to babysit her. I finally just took away her pistol, gave her the machinegun (since I never use it) and made her a mobile storage bin.

Resident Evil 6

Since RE7 takes place after 6, and it’s set in the same universe/storyline… figured f*** it.
I should complete the game.

One thing this one does better… your team mates… are invincible. And they have unlimited ammo. So, you don’t have to worry about them at all.
But, in a lot of ways, RE5 looks better visually.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Ditto :slight_smile:
Loving it so far, definitely a worthy successor to Human Revolution


Don’t wanna sound like an @ss, but I don’t play modern games much, I don’t like 'em, they bore me. The most recent game I tried playing was Bombshell, though I have some issues with it (as I already wrote in a topic on the forum). These days I’m playing Serious Sam The Second Encounter.
I’d like to play Fallout 4 though, and to finally beat the new Shadow Warrior (though I like the original better).


Agreed with that, Alyxx, almost any Deus Ex game’s better than Invisible War. Not sure why I even bother still playing and installing that game after all these years.


I like playing Invisible War because it’s very different and while it’s heavily flawed, it still feels like a Deus Ex game. That being said, I do prefer the original and the prequel games.


With the current STEAM sale I picked up…

CoD: Black Ops III

Also, my wife bought me the STEAM release of Quantum Break (she knew I wanted it because I wasn’t happy with the Win10 release) as an anniversary gift.


Ether. Been adding a lot of new stuff to it.


Gears Of War 4.
More of the same, still great!!


Shadow Warrior 2


Divinity: Original Sin


DisHonored II

This is quickly becoming my Game of the Year.
Yes, there are some slight performance hiccups on PC… but they are nowhere near problematic enough to get in the way of what is truly an amazing game.
I’m about 20 hours in and the game continues to be simply incredible.

Love Arkane’s games. Can’t wait to see what they do with PREY when it releases next year.


I… must be the only person playing something…

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

I wish my hair defied gravity and stayed straight to the side of my face when I laid down.

God… why won’t it end. This game is so damned tedious. Really don’t like it.

Also… Rad Rodgers: World One

Enjoyed this quite a bit. It’s short, but… for a platformer… twas fun.


Alrighty then.
Been playing a couple of games from the ones I snapped up at the recent Autumn sale:

Titan Quest

I’m currently in Egypt (Act 2) with a bow wielding Haruspex character and so far it’s been a great looking, highly atmospheric and addictive Diablo (II) clone with lots of nice little touches.
Zooming in really highlights the attention to detail, but unfortunately such a viewpoint is too restrictive for optimal gameplay.

Aliens vs. Predator

Having just started this one I’d say it’s a rather immersive Aliens game, but it also seems substantially linear with a Marine contact that’s nagging my ears off every time I slightly deviate from the path I’m supposed to be taking.
The second and third screenshot show the difference between the narrow standard FOV of 69 and one that’s been altered to 80 (anything more distorts the perspective too much for my liking).


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Finished it, but confused by its ending. The original game’s ending is much different.


The original game is better. In all ways.


I keep replying to myself… this forum needs more LIFE!

And… been jumping from game to game lately.

Finished Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (again)

Continuing my lethal playthrough of DisHonored II as Emily…

And started a brand new game in DOOM…

And no matter how great DisHonored II is, or how awesome Dues Ex was… DOOM is, hands down, my personal game of the year.