What was the last game you played: New Era


Redneck Rampage. Stuck at the sewer level again…


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2


Star Fox Zero. Having fun with it. I’m having no issues whatsoever with the two-screen & motion controls. Not sure what all the crying from reviewers was about, but what else is new.


Resident Evil 2 on Vita.


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

The neighbor of the beast, and the number of the beast.


Duke Nukem Manhattan Project


Quantum Break

After the recent 27gig update. Can play the game with a solid 60fps, Film Grain turned off. Such a better experience.

Now, if only we ca turn of Motion Blur… I’ll be happy…


Overwatch open beta


What do you think? I’ve been busy and haven’t got around to it yet.


Can’t speak for Jeff, but I found it bland and completely forgettable.
Same can be said for Battleborn as well. Just rather uninspired and not engaging.


Just finished Quantum Break, i liked the gameplay and story but i wasn’t a fan of the “tv show” aspect of it. I have a decent internet connection and when it wasn’t buffering it was really jumpy. I don’t know why they didn’t allow for downloading the video on PC, it would have made the experience a bit smoother.


There’s something up with MS’s servers hosting the TV show.
Doesn’t seem to matter how good, stable or fast your internet connection is… the TV episodes are always jumpy.

And, Remedy have commented that being able to download the episodes… is entirely up to MS. And for some reason, MS doesn’t want to put that option out there for the PC side of things.


New patch is awesome. And I’m able to run the game on full graphics on my rig without any slowdown.


Been playing Overwatch. I’m enjoying it. It seems like it would be a ton of fun if you got a whole team of six friends together.


It’s quite fun. Lacks the attitude of TF2 though.


Killing time until Doom’s release in five short days.

So, I returned to Fallout 4…

I really should spend time on the main quest… but there’s always something else to do.


I’ve had the same experience. It’s almost like the video is stuttering which makes it very difficult to keep focused on it. Really frustrating because Lance Reddick! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the exact same issues.
Remedy said they are talking with MS about what they can do to improve the streaming service. And making the episodes downloadable for PC users.

Just be warned, on Xbone… the episodes at 1080p were 75 gig. On PC, the episodes are uncompressed at 4K… could be a LOT to download.

BUT… replaying PREY while I wait for Doom.

Still pisses me off that Bethesda canned PREY 2. That game looked so awesome.


To be honest, I’m kind of glad they did since Prey 2 only seemed related to Prey 1 in name only…



It had Tommy in it.
He was going to help the players on their story.

And, PREY 2 started out of the same event that started PREY. The same alien invasion.
And, even though the game took place out of the Sphere, it looked awesome.