What was the last game you played: New Era


Looks nice, Damien. I’ll see if Steam’s running any deals on Rise of the Tomb Raider at some point, and try downloading it myself before too long.

Meanwhile, gave my Xbox One a reason besides being a “home theater hub” and actually got a game of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition running on it. All in all, not bad for that particular console, but certainly, not as good as running a TR game on PC.


Tom Clancy’s: The Division BETA

Played about an hour of it. Really enjoyed the solo play.
Exploring New York, rebuilding the base… all that stuff was a lot of fun. And visually, I really liked how it looked.

It doesn’t look like the E3 demo from 2013, but… it still looks good.

I did not like the MP “Dark Zone” area.


Fallout 4. I’m currently trying out a mod called portable turrets. :relaxed:


Rebel Galaxy.

Kind of regret buying it. It looked so cool, but it seems like it’s going to be tedious. They presented it like you could choose how you wanted to play, but really it’s all combat all the time. I’ll stick with Escape Velocity Nova, thanks.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

LOTS of this. Game is soooo good.


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. I want to max out the game before the sequel comes out in about two weeks.

If you max out your rank in the first game, they’re going to give you a character in the second game that will only be available to those who have maxed out the first. :slight_smile:


And… still more Rise of the Tomb Raider…


Alan Wake


Playing Wasteland 2 on PS4. I backed it on Kickstarter but never played it until earlier this week (and I own it for PC, Xbone, and PS4 so it’s about time I tried it). It’s great.

They’ve successfully completed the loop. Fallout was the spiritual successor to Wasteland, and now Wasteland 2 is the spiritual successor to Fallout 2. That’s not a dig at the Bethesda Fallouts, I think those are great, too (I just earned my first ever Platinum Trophy on Fallout 4), but they’re very different from the Interplay/Black Isle games and this game really takes you back to the originals. The style is exactly what you’d want out of an isometric Fallout game: top down with added camera controls, but retaining the same art style and George Miller sensibility that you expect. They even used the original Fallout/2 composer, and the ambient music so far has been creepy, spectacular, and familiar.

So far the writing isn’t changing my life but I’m still early on. It’s not perfect but I still highly recommend this to anyone who’s an old Fallout fan.


Alan Wake: American Nightmare


And… replying to myself…

FarCry Primal


How is it like playing wihout guns?


It’s easily becoming my favorite FarCry game.


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition PC


Pokémon blue


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Secret cow rift. Extremely rare.


7 Days to Die. Looks like another patch coming out tonight.

I was also thinking of getting Empyrion. Anyone play it and like it?


Quantum Break

Finished it. Took me about ten hours. It’s hard to stop playing once you’re into it.
Game is fXXXing awesome. It’s Remedy through and through.

I’m looking forward to Remedy updating the game and fixing some issues before I replay.

Also… seems Quantum Break takes place in the same universe as Alan Wake… GASP! SHOCK AND AWE!


Postal 2: AWP - I’m holding hope that this construction will be done in another couple of months, according to this sign. Let’s hope RWS releases a patch during that month. :wink:


Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition