What games are you most looking forward to in 2016?


One of my old versions of Windows had Asteroids in the games section. That’s the only time I’ve really played it. I see that homebrew version has different colors–fancy! :smile:

Seems I recall someone was developing a movie based on the game, which I thought was pretty funny. I guess if they can do Battleship, anything goes, right?


1.Camelot Unchained aka Dark Age of Camelot 2
3.Legion (WoW Xpack)

PS first two are not exactly guaranteed to make it in 2016, but still…


Well, now that Doom is out.

Time to sit back and wait for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. As that’ll be the next big one I’m gonna get.
Then, Mafia III, DisHonored II… and HOPEFULLY… Shadow Warrior 2.


Deus Ex. Mankind Divided
Dishonored 2
Shadow Warrior 2


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and No Man’s Sky for me.


Mafia III
Battlefield 1

(Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DOOM and Trackmania Turbo already came out).


Geeze, a little over a week and No Man’s Sky is released and two weeks after that Deus Ex.


Just waiting for Deus Ex myself.
Then nothing until October when Mafia III comes out.

I have zero interest in No Man’s Sky. Game just look boring to me.


I agree with you if Valve has no interest in continuing HL’s story. you have to give it to the Crowbar collective and let them win the next HL title.


one of the greatest game naturally is racing 3d i play it always its very amazing iam in the third stage its very difficult and in the same time perfect