What games are you most looking forward to in 2016?


Oh, no doubt. I’m sure they could do very well just on Steam alone.


I’m hoping XCOM 2 isn’t terrible.


Doom looks great! Shadow Warrior 2 too.

Would be playing Bombshell right now if my hardware situation was in order.


Looks like Doom has got a release date, 13th May. :+1:


I need to add a couple to my list…

Quantum Break - Remedy’s new game. From Max Payne through Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, they have never disappointed. Can. Not. Wait.
Tom Clancy’s The Division - The beta sold me on this one. Looking forward to the Open Beta coming up at the end of this week.



And by the way, maybe is a nostalgic thing but usually I think the older box arts for games or music were more badass:


I’m not a big fan of the new Doom’s boxart…
But, I’m getting this version…

That case cover… I like a LOT better.


The problem I had with old box art was that it was way cooler than the game ever turned out to be.


You think that’s bad, try living in the age of the Atari 2600. :slight_smile:


Like this beauty? :smile:


The Revenant statue is pretty cool, apparently it has an led in the base with a slow moving turbine.


I think it’ll look pretty badass on my shelf. :slight_smile:


Indeed that box cover is much better!


There will be a reversible cover for the standard edition, there is a poll on Doom twitter (it’s closing soon) for two designs. Cover B is leading by a long shot.

Cover A

Cover B


I actually prefer A.
B is a remake of the original Doom’s boxart, and why that’s… nice… I’ve got that box. And that shareware box.

There’s something about the simple design of A that I really love.


I think A would suit the cover of the collectors steelbook but B suits the game more.

If Doom was a slow paced, survival horror more akin to Doom 3 then A would suit it just fine but considering this is more like the original Doom, i think B fits in nicely.


I’m getting the Collector’s Edition steel book, so… either way doesn’t really matter.
I just personally like A’s art style more.

B grabbed everyone because it’s a remake of the original. It got the whole nostalgia flowing for people.
But for me, it just stands out as not being that creative. It’s a retread of familiar ground.


Deus Ex. Mankind Divided
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Shadow Warrior 2


That was one of the better 2600 games, actually. The fans these days have come up with a good homebrew vrersion of that. Check this out: