What are you listening to?





Didn’t know this one yet, catchy :grin:


Right. Just surprised this CD still works after about 15 - 20 years! No dings, scratches, or unnecessary grooves in it. In fact, I just rip all the tracks onto an external HDD, and just listen let 'er play.


Metallica’s new singles ‘Moth into Flame’ and ‘Hardwired’.

Can’t wait for the new album.


Hehe, Fancy is awesome <3


linkin park is my favorite , i am listening rightnow


Serj Tankian: Harakiri


The debut album from Lee Jackson … yep, the one who did the Duke 3D tracks, among other things



Love the song, but there’s only two new tracks there. Title track and “Chase the Ace”, which is an instrumental. In my playlists, it has to be a full studio album. Compilations like that don’t count.


It’s not just me who likes this song but so as my dog who is currently fast asleep on his pet bed.