What are you listening to?


“Blackened”, Metallica



Queen - Innuendo



Circle of Dust - Deviate (Blue Stahli Remix)


Modern Talking. Don’t judge, I’m sick with a cold.


Modern talking is good, I won’t judge… :sunglasses:


I like anything Dieter Bohlen produced in the 80’s. Just love that europop sound.






Just got done listening to my “AC/DC Short” playlist.

I have playlists for most every band I like, but the “short” version is a challenge. What I do is take every studio album and pick just a single song - no exceptions. It’s very hard on some of the albums to limit oneself to just a single one. Thought you might get a kick out of seeing this.

1975: TNT - "TNT"
1976: High Voltage - “It’s a Long Way to the Top” (mostly cuz of the bagpipes)
1977: Let There be Rock - "Let There Be Rock"
1978: Powerage - "Riff Raff"
1979: Highway to Hell - "Highway to Hell"
1980: Back in Black - “You Shook Me All Night Long” (was played at our wedding reception)
1981: For Those About To Rock - "For Those About to Rock"
1983: Flick of the Switch - "Brain Shake"
1985: Fly on the Wall - "Shake Your Foundations"
1988: Blow Up Your Video - "That’s the Way I Wanna Rock & Roll"
1991: The Razor’s Edge - "Moneytalks"
1995: Ballbreaker - "The Furor"
2000: Stiff Upper Lip - "Stiff Upper Lip"
2008: Black Ice - "Big Jack"
2014: Rock or Bust - “Rock or Bust”




Not a fan of Who Made Who?


Work-in-progress soundtrack for my game.


Are you doing the music yourself?


It’s being done by Zone Tripper, who normally does 80’s style synth music, so it fits the retro style perfectly. It’s being done using emulated AdLib, so it sounds very DOS’y.


Cool, that should fit the game perfectly!