Welcome to 3DR Forums - Discourse Edition


When it was first put forward we use these forums, that was my thought too. As I started to use it, I found it to be quite nice. Yes, it’s different - I don’t deny that. But I find it more pleasurable once you get used to it.


Hi, still QuiGonJ. Been on the old forums since Duke Nukem 3D needed a sequel. Like Doctor Who and Star Wars and most things in the realm of science fiction.


Hi, I’m Flaose! Resident Commander Keen fan and (mostly) lurker of the 3D Realms forum. You may have never heard of me, but I’ve been here a long time.


Good to be back… :smiley:


Hi I’m Ecmaster76. Good to see you guys! I joined up back in 200(?) and its been a while

I did a photoshop of Joe as Glenn Hughes once (I dare someone to find it on the old board). He liked it so much he asked me to do (benign) touchups on a few photos from his church congregation. Good times!

I also did some hi res textures and models for the open source Duke3D updates. Some of them sucked, some of them were pretty sweet and some of them got replaced (for better or worse).

Been busy with real life stuff. Paid too much for DNF - didn’t hate but didn’t love it. Got looking for an old avatar photo and next thing I knmow I’m here.


Frostbyte here, I was Frostbyt3 (because Frostbyte was taken) on the old forums,
And that is all, so hello and goodbye peeps! :yum:


Cyrix from the old 3DR forums. Love the new layout.


I am still Ajaxx.

I haven’t used the name since I was a late teen from Jamaica in the old forums (I’m 36 and a US citizen now).
I have readopted the old handle for posterity’s sake.