Welcome to 3DR Forums - Discourse Edition


Greetings, and we’re glad you have joined us on the new forums.

Drop us a line and say hi, and let us know who you were on the old forums (assuming you changed your name). :slight_smile:



I’m Robman… same username everywhere, including the older 3DR forum.
32yr old troublemaker from Canada, been a big fan of the Build games since their creation.
I created and maintain a Shadow Warrior (1997) fan website that has been around in one form or another since '99. Long live 3DR … over and out.


Just joined the new forums. I was Xantheous on the previous forum. This new forum is very sleek.


Damien. D_A. Damien_Azreal… that guy. The annoying one. That guy that needs to shut up and leave.

Yeah… that’s me.
Same name as the previous forum.
And same overly negative, pessimistic attitude and perception on the world. :smile: So… fun times.


Hey! I’m Mike! I’m honored to be part of 3D Realms and hopefully bring this great company back on track with Bombshell :smile:


Hi! I demand that I may or may not be Vroomfondel.


I’m still doggydoo, trusty 3dr fan.
I like you. I like sex. Is nice!
regards, yours truly


Bah… the old forum was better : _D


Woot! Welcome everybody :slightly_smiling:


Howdy folks. My username on the old forum was old and embarrassing. I’m 21, Canadian, and a big fan of 3DR games.


Hello everyone, just signed up here as the same old Hank.

The forum is great. I love fresh starts, and the future looks promising. All the best to the New 3D Realms.


Well, I suppose a fresh start could help reduce the bitch that Nostalgia can be. Maybe this can become a source of new memories of good times.
Probably a good thing.



Twelvepaws here (same as before). I always look forward to something new, but there are things I hate to leave behind. Hoping the former site will remain. Planning to review the tutorial multiple times. :laughing:


Hello everyone. I was known as jpb6891 on the other forum.


Hey I’m ShadeEX

Same as on the old forums and same avatar. I come from Denmark and I’m currently 29 years old.

That’s pretty much it :smile:


Man, back in 90’s I just remembered installing DN3D using 10 Floppies disks, which I had downloaded at school and after spending a good hour waiting to finish.

It was a zip file and it amazes me even today that back then I was able (“without internet”) to find a way to unzip those files.


Hey everyone! Greeting especially to Joe! Old timer from the '90s 3DRealms, just a whole lot more grey in my head now than back then. Hope everyone’s doing well.


You remember when we released a special 3 level shareware version of Monster Bash, because the regular shareware episode was deemed “too large for some” at just over ONE Megabyte? :slight_smile:


Hi! I was zetcom on the previous forum. Not much active but fan since 1998 when I first played Duke3D, Time to Kill etc. on Playstation. Solid modern forum, I like it. Waiting for Bombshell!


Same name, same fashion. Glad to be back but new forum software to learn. Very confusing, as I much prefer the old.