Wacky Wheels remake


There’s a licensed Wacky Wheels remake from Ferocity 2D in private beta right now. They said on Twitter that the next beta will be out later this month.

I have the beta and it’s pretty fun. The only thing I didn’t like was that you can pick up only one hedgehog at a time, instead of up to 99 like in the original. Still, it looks like it will be a good game and true to the original. I could post screenshots, but the link above has a video that pretty much covers it.

I first heard about this remake in 2011, so it’s taken them quite a while to get it put together, but it looks like it’s almost done. It will be for Windows and Mac, probably with iOS and Android coming later.


I also have the beta and agree it is quite fun. I did have a bit of feedback to give to Chris and I hope it is taken into consideration for future updates :slightly_smiling:


Looks like fun, I’ll check it out as soon at it hits Steam. I didn’t see anything about the beta on the website, I’m assuming you had to sign up previously?


I had been in contact with Chris (the owner of the company) about the game a few times before he started the beta, so he offered me a Steam key without me asking for it. From what he’s said on Twitter, I think he’ll keep opening it up to more people. He was thinking about doing Steam Early Access too. You could email him and see if you could get put on the list for getting a beta.