Unreleased Apogee Platformers?


Hello, were there any unreleased Apogee Platform games during the early 90’s? Thanks.


Yes, there were. Megaloman comes to mind.


Do you have any pictures, Joe?


I do, but not handy. I’ve posted them before. They’re lying around the old forums somewhere. Go search for Megaloman on google, but only on forums.3drealms.com - I’m sure you’ll find something there.


Duke Nukem Forever is another one.

See also Cancelled Projects in the Apogee FAQ.


Oh yeah, there’s that. Forgot about that. Didn’t get very far before being scrapped, though.


I know it says in that FAQ “please don’t contact Apogee about these games”, “little information exists”, etc… but hey Apogee, what about those games?

I know in most cases they’re probably gone or never were, for the ones that didn’t get sold off, but it would be cool if anything you guys do manage to come across could be released to toy with. I’d be especially interested in seeing what Monster Bash would look like in VGA (wouldn’t be surprised if that never had a line of code written, though), or what the engine for a Win3x game by Apogee would look like (presumably it’d use WinG?).


Here’s some information about what the engine for a Win3x game by Apogee would look like.