The X-Files

Is anyone else watching the new episodes? So far I’ve liked them. I thought they did a good job taking the mythology in a direction that taps into the paranoia and uncertainty of the current day. I’m sure some people feel like they were sweeping a lot of the show’s established lore into the trash by doing that, but I think it keeps the show relevant, rather than just being a 6-episode nostalgia trip.

I watched the first episode. I liked it.

My problem with episode 1 wasn’t so much that it was sweeping alot of established lore under the rug but that it rushed so much stuff in just a single episode. The pacing was just dreadful. But yeah it does come across a lot like they were desperate to make the myth arc relevant in the, as the show blatantly states, ‘post 9/11 post patriot act’ world.

Episode 2 was much better, however. Hopefully we see that level of quality throughout the rest of the run.

That’s true, but they’ve only got 6 episodes, and at least a few will be “monster of the week” rather than mythology, so they’ve got no time to waste.

If you’re a long time fan, you know what the score was, so there’s no problem keeping up. If you’re just jumping on now, it gets you up to speed at a break-neck pace.

To my understanding the first and sixth episode’s are the only ones purely related to the myth arc with 2-5 all being MotW


However, episode 2 did find a way to tie itself nicely to the events of ep1 with the whole alien DNA thing.

I thought episode 3 was garbage. It seemed like a script that was probably on the discard pile years ago. The opposite opinion seems to be the dominant, and that this was a great return to form for the show. There are six new episodes and somehow this was one?

It felt different, that’s for sure.

Second that, I watched today and what was that? Since they rushed on the first, they should have discarded this one and make the first split in 2.

Well, I finished watching this mini-series/re-boot/return…I don’t know what it technically was, besides unnecessary and overall pretty terrible. If they were going to do this, it should have been a six part story, not this where episode 1 and 6 are connected, and pretty much nothing in-between mattered/made any sense.

Chris Carter once again wrings out another paycheck from the X-Files.

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I watched the entire series, but during the time that’s passed since, almost everything about them has faded from memory. The only thing I rememer clearly is that the cast members seemed bored with the script, settings…everything.

Most people seem to think it went on too long. Maybe it did, I don’t know. I enjoyed it the whole way through, even when the focus shifted to Dogget and Reyes. From what I’ve seen online, it sounds like the mini-series format worked out well, and all the producers and FOX are interested in doing more. We’ll see what develops.

I watched 'em. Some were kinda dull, but I liked how they always kept the universe in real-time.
The idea to tap into the modern-day personal-data paranoia was great! But I hated what they did to C-Man’s masterplan - they just threw away all those aliens and just turned the whole conspiracy into a megalomaniacal rip-it-up-and-start-again - disgraceful! :unamused:
That is to say, the kinda messed up the continuity with the ‘season 10’ comics. :unamused:

Season 11 will be launched in next year if I’m not wrong.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve come up with. I’m wondering if they’ll keep the same format, as in a couple mythology episodes and then the rest stand alone.

very recently FOX posted a trailer for the next season! I was blown away, looked fantastic!
Especially since they focused on the mythology storyline. I didn’t like the comedic episodes from last season and the non-mythology episodes weren’t so great either.
Can’t wait!

It sounds like this will be if for Gillian Anderson, from what she’s said. I hope they give it their all and really go out on a high note.

Enjoyed the trailer. Can’t wait for the season to come out. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention this ages ago, but if anyone has any issues with the season 8 Blu-rays displaying problems with improper black levels, aka black crush, you can send your old discs to Fox and they’ll mail you the fixed ones.

Essentially when they mastered the discs, it was mistakenly set to full range output levels (0-255 RGB color), instead of limited range (16-235 RGB color) as per the Blu-ray specification.

I’ve been watching Season 8 on Blu-Ray, but haven’t run in to any problems. I bought the set later, so I’m guessing it was corrected by then.

Looking forward to seeing what they’ve got in store for us come January. There were rumors (can’t recall where I saw it) that Doggett might make an appearance…