The Post Thread 2016 Edition


After many years of not drinking, I decided to start drinking but can only force myself to drink vodka mixed with other liquids of increasingly feminine colors. I am regularly filled with shame and some small amount of grapefruit juice and coconut water. :frowning: :ghost:


I’m looking back at how I remember Duke Nukem from Captain Planet back in the 90s, didn’t know about the 3D Realms character till 2002. Eventually, joined the 3DR forums in 2004. Changed the display name one day in 2005, without checking first, it got approved soon after. Since then, I’ve used the name on a lot of sites, online networks, and so on.

Not bad for a name that’s been in use for 10 years.



This place is looking a little dead.


Cheer up you negative nancy


Yoooooooo, I’ve been summoned. I’m not anywhere online really. Just playing games and growing old mostly.




Adding some Terminators to my game. Cause you can never have enough Terminators.

I named them Eradicators though. Don’t wanna run into any copyright trouble.


Whoa! Very nice! Is he after “Sara O’connor,” perhaps? :smile:


Hehe! :stuck_out_tongue:
Also considering adding ED-209 from RoboCop as a miniboss.



I go away for a few days… err… years and you guys wreck the old forums!

Good to see a few familiar faces in here. Cant believe Joe is still running this madhouse! :dopefish:



Hehe, he’s still running the show yeah


Hey guys. 'sup? :dopefish:
Am I late to the party?



No posts in “The Post Thread” in over a year? This place is deader than I thought.


…it’s too bad that flagging spam posts doesn’t count towards post count… :slight_smile:


Agreed… With DOOM celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, one would think that would get people excited.