The Post Thread 2016 Edition


Y’all know this thread from its original edition back in the 90’s. Carry on. :slight_smile:


And the madness and mayhem continues…



I resemble that image.


So do I. Fnord. 20char.


Hush Ted… it’s not your time yet.


Is HTML really allowed? :slight_smile:


EDIT: At least the Marquee tag isn’t allowed (or doesn’t work outside of Netscape)


…I assume “Improve the conversation” doesn’t apply in The Post Thread?.. :slight_smile:


That actually made me laugh. :slight_smile:


I’m loved, all the Build world over. :smiley:

I kinda like the new forum layout here actually…


It lives, motherfuckers


The new forum software takes a bit of getting used to.

But, once you get used to it, it’s very quick and fluid.
And, as a moderator, the new tools make it such a smoother process.


Hmm… where was I …? Oh, yes!




It’s alive, alive!!! :smiley:



What is this? The Post Thread or P0stwh0res?

And Bludd still sucks.


Bludd will always suck - no matter what software we use for forums. P.S.


I was going to say “Bludd sucks” but that has always been obvious.

Edit: Where’s Wamplet at?



I noticed my beer locker was almost empty, but not as empty as The Post Thread with no replies in 11 days. Grabbed some Sam Cherry (been drinking that one 20 years or however long they’ve been making it), Cold Snap, and Downtime Pilsner (never had either of those, but used to buy Golden Pilsner back in the day). At 5-5.3% abv, a little goes a long way for a lightweight like me.