Teminator 6 Dropped

That’s kind of a bummer, as unlike most people I liked Terminator: Genisys.


Read that earlier today (nothing else to do when you are sick).

Despite some problems, I enjoyed Genysis and was definitely interested in what they could/would do with a follow up.
This is the second time a “planned trilogy” gets it’s legs kicked out from under it.

T: Salvation was supposed to be the first in a new trilogy as well.
Getting the feeling this series is just… cursed.

I enjoyed it as well. I wonder if giving away the “big twist” in the TV trailers before the movie came out ended up hurting it more than helping.

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That was an incredibly stupid thing for them to do.
Actually made me want to see the film a bit less once I saw that trailer.

In fact, all the trailers for the film were pretty awful. Terrible music choice, edited in ways that made the action scenes look cartoonish.

What did you think of the guy playing John Connor? I’ve seen him in other stuff, and I think he’s a good actor, but I felt he was miscast here.

That really bites! I loved the movie. Well, at least I have Warcraft coming in June to look forward to. :slight_smile:

Thing is, I didn’t catch the big spoiler before I saw the movie, so it was a surprise to me. I wonder if that helped my opinion of the movie like you theorize here?

I’d seen most of the trailers before I saw the movie, but it didn’t make or break it for me. I’m probably not the most objective person on this. Other than Salvation, which I’m not crazy about, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the Terminator movies and the tv show.

I know a lot of people dislike it and rip on it, but Salvation is one I really like.
And a big reason behind that is because it finally does something different with the Terminator series.

It gives up the tired “time travel” story and focused on the war after Judgement day. Before John was the unquestioned leader of the resistance. That’s what I’ve always wanted to see.

Personally… if I had to rank the films…

T: Salvation
T: Genysis

Because… I really, really disliked T3. Other then a couple good action beats, that movie felt like a lazy retread of T2 to me. Only with bad casting, a bland and uninteresting female Terminator that was a huge step backwards from T2’s villain.

I still enjoy watching Salvation, just not as much as the other ones. I like T3 because it basically is a remake of T2, just with a different ending.

All begins from one man’s nightmare if I’m correct (a vision for the movie). Genysis in my opinion is number one of non Cameron movies even if trailers looks pretty bad at the beginning. Just love plasma / laser guns from T1, T2 and T3D :wink: CGI of Arnold quite funny. After all I’m not sure if making next movies is a good idea. Nah… and I just read about Blade Runner 2…

And that’s the problem to me.
It shares to similarly with T2’s story structure.

Add in that Nick Stahl is a bad choice for John. Arnold looks pretty bad with the amount of makeup they piled on him to try and make him look younger.
And what’s her name that played the TX was terrible.
Robert in T2 worked so well as the T-1000 because he was able to add character to him. Fool people by acting human. Even with his smaller frame he still came across far more threatening because he was able to blend in with society more.
The TX in T3 had none of that. She played it emotionless. Cold… and by extension, boring.

This is a bonus that Genysis had going for it. John’s Terminator had personality, it showed emotions and a more interesting character.

In a lot of ways to me, T3 felt like it took steps backwards from T2. It tried to copy that formula in hopes it would recapture the same spirit, but instead played it too safe and just wasn’t able to make an original place for itself.

But, it’s me personally.
I’m just tired of the time travel and want to see more of the war in the future. I loved Salvation, despite some of it’s smaller issues. And, would much rather see more of that.
Also, Christian Bale played a better John Conner then Jason Clark did in Genysis.


I thought there was some great cinematography in Salvation. One of my favorite bits was the POV shot when the helicopter was crashing in the beginning of the movie.

Agreed, although I’m not a big Christian Bale fan in general. Jason Clark is probably the only guy to portray John Connor who isn’t nuts in real life, so he’s got that going for him. :laughing:

I didn’t mind the TX, but I agree that they’ve struggled and failed to ever top Robert Patrick’s T-1000 as a compelling enemy.

There’s something about the darker tone of the first film. The grimmer feel… that element of struggling to survive. It’s something all the other Terminator films lost, and I will always love the first one the best.

Looks like any sequel to Genisys is dead in the water–or at the very least they’ll have to recast Sarah Connor. Emilia Clarke says she won’t be playing Sarah Connor again. Speculation here, but I’m guessing she had a clause in her contract that said they had to begin shooting a sequel by a certain date, or she was out. Or the studio has decided it’s not doing it, but hasn’t bothered to make an announcement. It was pretty widely reported online. Here it is at The Hollywood Reporter.

Too bad, I really liked Clarke in the role.

Clarke is a good actor, but, she looked way too young to be Sarah.
That was one of Genisys’ biggest issues, much like Terminator 3, casting. Wrong people in wrong roles.

Not too mention it’s continuity errors and plot holes. I would rather the series just die, instead they keep dragging it out… in a tired attempt to hit a winner. And, they continue to fall shorter and shorter each time.

At first I read that the planned “new trilogy” was dropped. Despite a poor performance in the USA, it did do well enough overseas to warrant it. I saw some noise from Arnold in the last few months that there will be another one.

I didn’t have a problem with Genisys - it was fun, although I can see where some people would.

Part of the problem of doing a “fifth” in a series where time travel is at the core of the movie’s plot is that there’s gonna eventually be problems with continuity.

I still haven’t seen Genisys. Will get around to it eventually. T2 remains my favourite.

But of course. T2 is by far the best, will never be topped, even if they keep making them.

But there’s good bits in all of the Terminator movies.