Steam - Download or Not?


A game I bought lists Steam as one of the system requirements. I went to the Steam website and also clicked on a Steam reviews site. Several people reported serious malfunctions and warned against installing Steam. Others talked about undisclosed costs in downloading Steam. So I’d appreciate some reports on the advisability of downloading Steam. Thanks! (I’m on a Windows 7 desktop PC)


For a user already using Steam about 14 years (since October 2003), I would say Steam is good enough, even needed lot of improves. These still possible for malfunctions but most likely just faulty hardware or buggy system, Steam should be working fine in most cases, since your game needed Steam to play so…unless you don’t want play the game, then I don’t know why you don’t use Steam.

Undisclosed costs in downloading Steam? What the hell is that shit? I don’t think that shit exists…you should stop waste your time about those random internet users and their weird things…:stuck_out_tongue:

About those who against Steam’s DRM(Steam games mostly needed to run with Steam is running), needed Internet connections(for download game data and patches, extra shit or play multi-player games), its ToS, some stupid silly shit like Steam Direct from Valve may pissed some players off or something else, well, I would say it still up to yourself to think if you can accept those and install Steam or not, if you can’t even accept any of thing then I suggest don’t should not use Steam.


I’ve been using it since 2002 without any major issues. You’ll get people reporting issues with any piece of software, I wouldn’t be put off by a tiny minority. There are no costs other than paying for games.

Having said that if you’re not sure just buy it directly from 3D Realms like I did. The devs get more money that way too.


I’ve been a hardcore user of Steam since around 2007 and haven’t had any serious issues with it. I run it pretty much constantly.


The only issue I ever had with Steam is that some of their transactions go through other countries, which some credit card issuers will ding with a “Foreign Transaction” fee. I switched to Paypal to dodge that issue.


Same here. PayPal is the way to go.


I use Steam if the game needs it, then just download and install it, what games is it and why have you not done it already?

I use Paypal too.


I bought “Unwritten Tales,” which includes three games, retail. They are point-and-click adventures, a genre I enjoy. I noticed it required Steam but had read about Steam here at 3dRealms. I had some other games to play before I got to it. That’s when I researched and thought I would get some opinions here before downloading Steam. I’ll probably try it soon. Thanks for all your responses!


OK - I have been trying to install STEAM since early this morning (5:00) with a break for sleep. Now I’m trying again and have gone through selecting a username, password, given my email address and copied the symbols to verify that I am not a robot. When I clicked on continue, it told me to return to the install window to complete the creation of an account and installation process. When I returned to the window, it said “waiting for email verification,” but I had already gotten an email verification email. Customer support offered me the choice to provide a new email, username, etc. I am ready to give up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

8:00 PM - Was able to log in to STEAM. :joy: Now installing games from disc (3) …taking forever. Hope all this works!


Now when you wait for xmas, then you can buy them cheapy.:crazy_face:


I just can’t imagine a world without Steam at this point.


How do you get to the 3DRealms store from here? :smiley_cat:


Click the ‘Buy Now’ button.


Been using Steam since it was included with Condition Zero (Counter-Strike game), and haven’t looked back TOO much. I mean, yeah, I still had some attachments to physical media games, but that kinda wore off about 5 - 10 years ago.


Steam can suck my balls of steel, even though I’ve spent roughly $5000+ on Steam over a 6-7 year period, I prefer physical copies by a lot.


Its amazing that you don’t know Steam. Its somewhat like you don’t know Facebook or Youtube. Steam is almost 20 years old and the top games from Valve can only be played there. You are not a gamer if you never played Half-Life. Or Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Dota, etc. Its a virtual platform that will hold your games forever you will never lose them anymore. Plus you can play with friends, plus you can collect items, cards, gems, tons of free games… Plus you can do achievements. I have some disregards about achievements because most of the time they are a lazy way to add “content” for games and make people keep wandering on the same maps. But still nice to achieve.

Physical copies can break, get wet, melt, be eaten by the dog, be scratched by the cat, etc etc etc. On the very best case scenario it will be ruined by dust or fungus if it is a DVD within 5-8 years.


I have some old CDs that’ve been sitting out in Texas heat for 20+ years which I recently recovered, and they work fine…


For now. Have you finished those games? Installing is one thing… I enjoy the box, sure. The first Diablo artwork was so cool. But I wouldn’t bet my games on physical media. Thanks God Blizzard gave me a virtual copy of Diablo II because I still had my cd key. The disc was literally shattered.


Physical copies are perfectly fine as long as you know how to take care of them. Floppy discs are very unreliable though, but CDs have no problem if you’re managing them right. I have over 250+ big box games from the 90s and I have no problems whatsoever with any of my CD based games.

Sure digital games are much more convenient, but they don’t have a feeling nearly as amazing as opening up a boxed game for the first time and seeing all the neat stuff it came with. Especially the Ultima games that came with cards, stones, cloth maps, trinkets, hint books, etc


RE: Physical vs. Digital downloads - I bought two games from the original producer about five years ago as digital downloads. In addition to the cost for the games, I payed $5.99 for each game as insurance against failure for a five-year-term. Co-incidentally (?) when the five year coverage expired, both games ceased to function on my PC. My only alternative would have been to re-purchase the games from the same producer. To my relief another game distributor is now offering the games for sale on its website. This company allows re-downloads for free in case of failure or accidental loss of the game.

Conclusion: I will no longer do business with the original producer of these games (no names but some may be able to guess who the producer is.) I will check company policy regarding downloads before ordering any digital games in the future. :wink: