Stargunner Turns 20 Years Old!

Today (Nov 19) is the 20th Anniv of Stargunner, the last title released under the legacy era Apogee brand. Today our company historian Joe Siegler takes a quick look back at this title.

Check out the 20th anniversary article which talks a lot about the music of the game.

I kinda like the Stargunner theme with vocals.

Although I was giggling the whole time, which probably wasn’t what they were going for.

Fun little shooter though.

PS: Ubuntu has no problem playing those .mod files without any extra software.

Even though I’m 43, I’m going to try out for MLB just so version 1 can be my walkup music.

Staaaaargunnah! Where all your dreams come true, you are the
Staaaaargunnah! It is all up to you!!!

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the Lee jackson parody is actually quite amusing! Digging it!
I had lots of fun with Stargunner when the 3DR Anthology was about to release. Never played it back in the days tbh.
Spoiler: Most of the gameplay in the official new 3DR gameplay trailer is actually me playing! :smiley: