Solution for REALLY old DOS game: Bolo I


I doubt if anyone has heard of this game from Soleau Software, released 1992. I still have my Win 95 and go back to it periodically to play the old 3D Realms and other games of that era. Right now, I’m stuck on level 25 of Bolo I. I have tried every imaginable solution and still can’t remember how I solved it the last time, two or three years ago. Is my memory erasing? I hope not, but I can’t move on until I figure this one out. Anybody?


Can’t say I’ve heard of it. Or if I have, I’ve totally forgotten about it. :slight_smile:


I remember a game called Bolo, but it was a Tank game for Macs. It was simple, but fun. I recall playing it over a LAN at a friends house.


Got it! Was missing an important step. Thanks for your responses. Bolo I, from Soleau Software, is a logic puzzle game, involving blocking lasers with balls and blocks to clear a path to the exit. Good for exercising memory. I discovered it on shareware in the 1990’s, which is how I also discovered Kroz, Keen and other games from that era. I still have some of those shareware diskettes.