Remedy's new title "Quantum Break" confirmed for PC


Coming to PC Confirmed!


With two months until release, Remedy announce they’ve also developed a PC version in house. And it’ll release along side the Xbox One version in April.
My birthday is in April. Best. Announcement. Since. Shadow Warrior 2.


You will also get Alan Wake for free via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One if you pre-order it.


Just a minor issue about those specs. The game was scheduled firstly for videogames which use AMD processor, but for the PC they put Intel as target processor and “equivalent” for AMD.

The same for GPU, while videogames have AMD they put NVIDIA on top.

Why am saying this? Well because I think that those companies INTEL/NVIDIA are “maybe” promoting the game for PC.


How was this game “scheduled firstly” for AMD processors?

The game was an Xbox One Exclusive until this announcement was made yesterday.


First I said: “The game was scheduled firstly for videogames which use AMD processor”.

Again I found interesting that in these specs for PC they put the Intel processor plus model, and in second place AMD as equivalent, the same on GPU: with NVIDIA then RADEON.

Like I said, maybe this is because the those companies are promoting or paid Remedy to release for PC. But this is just theory.


I’m assuming you mean by “videogames” you mean consoles, in this case the Xbox One, as Damien said.

I often see PC requirements listed as such. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s the hardware the developers are using. In my limited PC experience, I’ve been much happier with an Intel/Nvidia set up than I have been with an AMD one.


Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with brand or company preference.

Pretty much all system requirements are listed in that manor. Even AMD sponsored games tend to have Nvidia and Intel hardware listed first.
It doesn’t mean anything.


Just one side note, I always used Intel processors (PC or Laptop) and I never had an AMD. So this was not a personal thing or whatever. :slightly_smiling:


I’ve used AMD and Intel.
Don’t really have a preference one way or the other on CPUs.

Of course, right now, I’m in love with my i7. :slight_smile:

But, GPU wise, Nvidia… all the way. I’ve used an ATi (now AMD) card in the past… terrible performance. Horrible drivers. Awful OpenGL support. Just not worth the trouble.


I haven’t had a problem with the processors, either, but the drivers on the GPU side have been a problem. I have a friend who swears by AMD, though, so I guess ultimately it’s whatever you’re happy with.


It’s been confirmed that Quantum Break will only be available on the Win10 Store.

It will not (at this time) appear on any other Digital Distribution services like Steam, Origin or GOG.

While this does suck, it’s kind of to be expected since Microsoft are floating the bill and they allowed Remedy the opportunity to develop a PC version along side the Xbox One.
While I would’ve preferred it on Steam, this won’t stop me from buying the game.

And, I would urge others to back up Remedy and show your support for this amazing studio. Remedy has said that if Quantum Break does good enough it could be the final push they need to get funding together to start Alan Wake 2.


Did someone else pay for Quantum Break? Cause it seems like this game would have cost way more than an Alan Wake one.


Microsoft are floating the bill as publisher and co-owner of the IP.


Well that sucks, it went from being a day one buy to a wait for it to come on steam, my reasoning is that Rise of the Tomb Raider is $59.99 ($84.30AUD) on Steam where it’s $79.99 (112.40AUD) on the Windows store.

A tad bit expensive for me.


There was a way around that, people were able to buy the game for like 10 bucks on the Win10 store simply by changing your location.
I can’t remember the location, but due to exchange rates… it made it so people could buy the game for only like 10 bucks.

I’m still grabbing it day one. Remedy deserve it as their games are always awesome.


I also want to give game developers money but i don’t want to be priced gouged due to local exchange rates.

Not only does steam price in Australia the local price, it’s also in us dollars, GTA V is $74.99USD on steam for Australia but converted into AUD it cost me $115.

I reckon it’ll come onto steam eventually.


It… may.
But, it’ll be entirely up to Microsoft.

Remedy were able to bring Alan Wake to STEAM, because they own that IP. They signed a deal with MS to release the game on the 360. And after that they were free to bring the game to PC on their own.

With Quantum Break, MS is involved in the PC version… so… it could remain exclusive to the Win10 store.
It’s all pretty up in the air at the moment, but hopefully we’ll get more answers over the next month or so.


Once they realise that their platform is shit and no one buys the game, i reckon majority of the sales of this game will be from the keys given away with the Xbone version.

I understand MS want to drum up support of windows 10 but they should have really learned from history that their previous PC gaming platform was… lets say less than stellar, and why use a platform no one uses? I don’t think i have ever used an app from the win10 store.

It’s just puzzling why they would make such a monumentally poor decision as to make this only available on their own platform when in reality a large swathe of gamers are just going to ignore this game.


Sorry for the necro but I was right… the game is coming to Steam on September 15th.


Releasing for 39.99 on STEAM.

This is a different version then the original Win10 PC release. The Win10 version is a UWP platform title, and uses DX12.
The STEAM release is based around DX11 (you can use DX12 if you want) and is NOT a UWP title.

Also, Remedy have commented that they’ve worked on the STEAM release for a long time, and have much more experience with DX11 titles. Stating this will be a better, more stable port then the original Win10 version was.

I probably won’t get it right at release, but I will rebuy the game just to have a better version on a better platform.