Quake is 20 years old


Ah okay, that’s intriguing. Shame it never got far.


I remember the struggles building maps in qED (which was a level editor that was released for Quake), and wishing I knew about WorldCraft sooner. However, I will say that, even though I never felt comfortable building more than one-room maps in the Quake engine, I do remember how much fun it was playing other user maps, and I actually loved those more than the ones in the game itself. Not sure why. Quake is one of those games where amateur/fan maps actually tend to feel and play better than the official id released ones in the game.


Well, RtCW was another great one off that engine, by a third-party using one of id Software’s other IPs, and certainly a good showcase of the Q3 technology to boot.


I never played that one, I may check it out. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was another one, but I never liked that one as much. The lightsabers just messed up the gameplay, IMO.


It’s all personal opinion, but the Jedi Knight games are awesome.

But, for Quake III Engine titles (or idTech 3) there’s also Raven Software’s Soldier of Fortune II.
Plus Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and it’s two expansions. PLUS the first Call of Duty and it’s expansion United Offensive.

Also, Star Trek: Elite Force 2 is also on the Q3E. So… more Trek for those that are interested. But, the sequel was developed by Ritual Entertainment, while the first one was developed by Raven.


Hey guys, some of us are still playing Quake 3, and we are looking for a private server. If some of you are already hosting games, or planning to do so, please send me a PM.

A friend of ours is an IT student, and he needs someone who would help him host a server, since he isn’t good enough to do it all alone.

Even if you’re not so good at these things, we will appreciate any help and gaining a new friend. Here are some helpful links about hosting video game servers, if you’re wondering whether you will be up for the task:


Thanks for reading, I’ll be expecting some messages, hopefully.