Quake is 20 years old


On June 22nd, Quake is now 20 years old!
One of the hallmark shooters of my youth, Quake remains insanely playable and fun to this day and set the standard for multiplayer shooters for years to come. It also had a very interesting Lovecraft-influenced setting and sound effects and music by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

How will you celebrate the 20th anniversary of Quake? Personally I’ll be playing through the expansion packs (Scourge of Armagon & Dissolution Of Eternity).


PC Gamer is hosting some servers but the ping is too large for it to be playable for me http://www.pcgamer.com/were-running-a-quake-server-all-weekcome-play-with-us/


I won’t be doing anything.

While I understand why people love the game, it did nothing for me.
I found it rather boring and bland at times.

For me, the Quake series became awesome with the second game.


I guess I should celebrate by finally playing it for the first time!


I think I will celebrate the 20th anniversary by actually trying the games! I have heard so much about them, but never had the pleasure :frowning:


The demos for the games are a bit hard to find.
Edit: Looks like Moddb has the files, but not gonna check to see if it has all of them.


It’s only a few bucks on Steam, but many of the reviews note that it’s missing the original soundtrack by Trent Reznor. Was the music a big part of the overall experience?


Some will say it is, personally… I say no.

Not nearly as much so as it is in Quake II.
I’ve always felt Trent’s soundtrack was overblown.


In my opinion it is a huge part of the experience since it adds a lot of atmosphere.
The reason they didn’t include the soundtrack is cause it was CD audio and since the game doesn’t come with any CD on Steam, you’re kinda out of luck, though not entirely.
Most modern source ports of Quake like DarkPlaces support .ogg soundtrack from the hard drive so you can get user-made patches on Steam that re-adds the soundtrack.


Interesting. I figured it was a licensing issue, as that’s usually the case when music is changed in re-releases of old media.


I don’t think so, not in this case, since the music wasn’t licensed but made specifically for the game. I think it’s just cause the original engine only supported CD audio soundtrack and thus, no CD audio is available. They can’t legally release games with source ports, but that doesn’t stop users from using them.


I’ve heard stories of physical copies accidentally being burned without the cd soundtrack. I don’t think Quake had that issue, but other games did.


Not to my knowledge. I know Gunman Chronicles was re-released without the CD soundtrack.


I was never a fan of Quake, except for “Quake III Arena”, which to me was the best deathmatch game I ever played.

But the Quakes before that? Always struck me as “Brown Doom”.


lol, pretty much. They didn’t exactly do much to innovate. I’m kinda sad cause it seemed like the other people at id always had good ideas to make the games more interesting but were shot down in favour of focusing on making the same game over and over.


I never played Q3 either, but being a big Star Trek nerd, I loved Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, which was based on the Quake III engine.


Yeah I loved both of those games. The game tech was irrelevant, though. Was a decent Star Trek game. :slight_smile:


Are you sure about that? At some stage id were testing a release of Doom 2 on Steam with Chocolate Doom.


That’s irrelevant given they didn’t actually release it that way. I guess they decided to go with DOSBox for Doom since it gives the most accurate representation of what playing classic Doom is like.


No, I mean they were planning to release an update to it. There’s currently a private testing branch for it but hasn’t been updated in a long time so I guess it was abandoned.