Post your Current Desktop!


Just post an image of your current desktop for others to enjoy. :smile:


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That is all.

And, I shall start…

Simply can’t wait for this game.


Here’s mine. :slightly_smiling:


Here’s my desktop. :wink:







Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 8.1 Desktop

Don’t flippin’ expect me to reupgrade to Windows 10. Sure, the upgrade is free, but that’s where it ends…it cost dearly in other areas. I’m certainly NOT moving an inch from this dual-boot until Microsoft decides to be less tyrannic about how they are handling Win 10.


To each their own.
But, I love Win10. Hated Win8.

Of course, I’ve disabled all of MS’s online shit and Cortana. But… I disable all that stuff on everything I use.


:slight_smile: Well, the only way I’m using Windows 10 is through this:



LOL! Bet Microsoft didn’t know you could make Windows 10 WindOS X! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, seems like I’ve caved, and decided on the Windows 10 upgrade, but not without a few tweaks, obviously.