Post your 3D work here!


Dungeons Dragons Set -

Check here - 3d character models



I’ve been also working on a couple of projects with 3D characters (including Dungeons Dragons). Currently looking for the team to start a new 3D Art Project in TAMUCC. If interested, please, forward your portfolio to the official email of TAMUCC with the subject 3D Art Project 2019.

Prof. Terry Lewis


Short cyberpunk film, with CGI made by yours truly.

I’m working on a sequel right now, and it’s gonna include a couple of 3DRealms references.


Wow that’s amazing! I’ve been working on some 3D characters’ projects too, but now I’m restricted with time cause of my study. Have you guys thought about arranging a meeting where we coud discuss our works, etc? I’ve been to one (if I’m not mistaken organised it) and that was really awesome. So we can make our own one