Original "Duke"

Bored with everything else and going back to the really old games on my '95. Started “Duke” as it’s called on the menu. I bought it as shareware, although it’s not an abbreviated version of the game. I can’t even find the disk, although I have “Duke II” on another shareware disc. I remember it was first marketed as Duke Nukum due to some copyright issues, but after those were resolved, it was given the “Nukem” designation.

Enjoying the feel of the old-time games, but could never find the red key on level one. Now I’m in the “maze” level (4, 5, or 6?) and haven’t found the short cut. Have only one weapon power up so far. Finally ran out of lives and will start this level over later tonight.

Just sharing… :cat:

Only Episode 1 of Duke 1 & 2 were shareware, the rest of the games were not. They are no longer available for sale.

Why does my copy of Duke Nukem say “Duke Nukum”?

There is frequently a great deal of confusion over the correct spelling of one of Apogee’s most prized characters, Duke Nukem. The original spelling for the name was “Duke Nukem”; however, during the code fix stage between v1.0 and v2.0 of the original game, Apogee found a character overseas named “Duke Nukem” that was thought to be copyrighted. So, for v2.0 of the original Duke game, the name was changed to “Duke Nukum.” Then, during the programming of the next Duke Nukem game (Duke Nukem II), it was discovered that the character they found overseas was not copyrighted after all – and so the original name was reinstated. “Duke Nukem” is also the spelling used in all successive games that featured the character.

The spellings “Duke Nuke 'em,” “Duke Nuke’um,” “Duke Nuke’m,” “Duke Nuk’em” or other variations are not, and were never, correct. The correct spelling of the game is “Duke Nukem”.

I must have bought both games from Apogee because I have all parts of both Duke and Duke II. It was a long time ago. I must have forgotten. I first bought KROZ - my introduction to Apogee - and other early games in shareware form and then later bought the full versions. But the shareware floppy (sold by Titanium Seal) is the only one I can find. Have no idea where the other floppies are, so hope I don’t lose the '95. Yes I remember the variations in spelling and how it all related to a game in Europe. :cat:

I’ve owned KROZ for years, was surprised when it became freeware.
You can just copy the files to a different location.

My full registered digital copies of Duke 1 , 2, 3D were bought directly from 3D Realms, and remain on a cd somewhere.

There was the joke about Duke Nukem in Captain Planet.