No replies from 3Drealms on ION MAIDEN order


gys, how responsive are 3drealms nowadays? i posted on facebook 2 times, sent 2 mails and dont get ANY replies.


The best way to contact 3DRealms staff is through the 3DR Discord.

But, for clarification, what did you order that you have questions on?
Clothing and merch, or the Big Box Founders Edition?


thx, but then they should not give a email support etc. sorry!

i ordered the BIG BOX ION MAIDEN and my paypal payment is gone. i wonder why :confused:


Okay, I’ll try to forward the message on to someone.

The Big Box orders are not shipping until sometime next year, the release date isn’t known yet.
But, it was my understanding that we would not be charged for it until the item ships.
You are saying you’ve already been charged?


yes, the payment was shown in my paypal account open about 2-3 weeks and suddenly it disappeared, im just worried if something happened. thats all as i dont wanna miss it out :)!

thx for the efforts Damien, again im just worried and dont want anything happening ! :slight_smile:


Not sure if this is relevant.
When I placed the order, I received two emails. One from 3D Realms and one from PayPal.

The one from 3D Realms, confirmed my order, and gave a link to a website.
Link is numbers. I checked this link today, and my order is still there.

As for PayPal, all they did was to confirm that I authorized a payment, and it will be transferred when 3D Realms is ready, to process the order, i.e. ship the fine box.

I’m not worried that PayPal shows nothing in my account. It’s still another 6-7 month, for the box to be shipped, or even longer.


Pretty much.
I didn’t use paypal, directly through my credit card. But, the payment has not processed through on my card.
And won’t until the product ships.