New copyright law


European Parliament passed new copyright law including article 11 and 13.It means if some bot A.I. script YouTube I guess Dailymotion too detect some videos or uploaded music tracks videos will be blocked so according to article 11 and 13 you will need permission from European Union government speaking of that fanarts, fangames and fanmade music tracks re-arangements including music remixes
even your personal photos willl need special permission so licences payments will be probably very expensive. Maybe I’m too paranoid and panicking too much, but I have this feeling that corporations will be stalking us, doxxing us, spying us,invigilate us it sounds like beginning of dark Cyberpunk science-fiction reality.


I’m not worried. Tor exists.


A fairly ambiguous law


Yeah, that might make remakes of old maps from other games rather tough…especially with this being a pretty big anniversary year for franchises like DOOM, Half-Life, and Unreal, heh…