My suggestions/questions regarding Ion Maiden


I’ve made preorder of Ion Maiden on GOG and finished Preview Campaign. While I’m really excited about full content (since I’ve enjoyed A LOT playing in this short campaign), but I still have some suggestions/questions regarding Ion Maiden:

1.Possibility to break glasses - I know that it’s considered as duke-ish FPS (so enemies won’t have superb AI), but I admit that often situations when enemies see you, but only push on those “glass walls” seems rather bad. Not to mention that even for “stupid goons” it should be obvious that they’ll start to shoot through glass in such situations.
2.Not a big deal, but where is 3rd person view? I always liked to take a look on Duke or Caleb’s model from “outside”, but I didn’t see such option in control.
3.More interaction with environment would be really great! I’m missing it a bit, in fact I was surprised that there are so many things with which I can’t do anything (can’t help for it, when I’m launching this game I can’t forgot about my experience with DN 3D).

Oh, by the way, if you could consider including “hiding” in one of the in-game computers some mini-game with Dopefish (revealed after using such computer), that would be absolutely great!

4.Regarding multiplayer - I know that it’s currently only in “stay tuned” status, but if you could consider some MP option which wouldn’t require any third-party application (Steam, Galaxy etc), that would be really great!

Thanks a lot in advance for answer(s).