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I’m not really a professional reviewer but I really do enjoy reviewing games and giving my opinion on them and going in depth talking about them. I started writing reviews around 2011-2012 on the Accursed Farms forums and started my blog around 2013. Around 2016-2017 I had a bit of a draught period where I wasn’t really inspired to write reviews anymore so that period was kind of quiet from me, but I’ve recently gotten back into the groove again, much thanks to Ion Maiden which finally put me on track again.

My review blog can be found at

Some of my recent reviews involve several recent 3D Realms/Apogee titles, such as:
Ion Maiden (Preview Campaign first impressions)
and Rise Of The Triad (2013)

I’m currently playing through Rad Rodgers which will be a followup of sorts to this new series of reviews of newer 3D Realms games. I’ve also got plenty of other games in the pipeline so stay tuned.

Hope you all have a good read!

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Everyone has the right to create a review, and hey you don’t need to be professional. Your opinions are pretty good.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Here’s my review of Curse Of The Monkey Island:


I’ve been doing a Build Engine Retrospective lately for those interested.

Part 1, Duke Nukem 3D:

Part 2, Shadow Warrior:

More to come…