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Just finished a “Hunger Games” marathon, now that I have all the installments on DVD. When I saw these movies at the theater, there was no problem with the video, but on DVD, “Catching Fire” during the night scenes, the screen was almost 100% black, with just a shadow of movement. Only because I had read the books and watched the movies at the theater did I know that Katniss and her allies were fighting mutated monsters, and the elderly woman tribute walked voluntarily into the poisonous fog, etc. I have noticed this same problem with other movies I have on DVD’s. I don’t know if Blu-Ray would be an improvement. I haven’t bought any Blu-Ray because my DVD player is hooked up to my five speaker plus woofer sound system. Hooking up the Blu-Ray player to that system would mean I couldn’t have auxiliary sound on my DVD’s; sound from the TV doesn’t have nearly the immersion quality as the aux speakers. I’m not going to replace my DVD’s with Blu-Ray because (1) I haven’t noticed that much difference in the visual quality between the two and (2) The industry will come out with another media that will make DVD’s and Blu-Ray both obsolete, the way those made VHS obsolete, CD’s made tapes obsolete and tapes made LP’s obsolete. It is inevitable that this will happen.

So, my question is: has anyone else noticed this problem on DVD’s? :confused:

From the sounds of it, I would say that the problem is that your TV brightness is turned down too low for the room. Try seeing if turning up the brightness helps with your movies!

That’s the first thing I would have thought of with the older TV’s, but I haven’t found a way to adjust brightness on the flat screen TV’s. Also, this happens only with DVD’s.

There should be a “Menu” button on the remote that came with your TV. Your DVD player remote should also have one. If it’s only happening with DVDs, you may want to try to adjust the DVD player setting first. I feel like they’ve got all those settings, too, but it’s been a while since I messed around with the settings on mine. Good luck!

It really helps to read the VCR/DVD manual past basic setup for clock, etc. I found “Screen Setup” under “Set up” to increase the “Black Level” on the SETUP button. Then on the DISPLAY button I found five video choices. I chose Dynamic 2 to further enhance the “Black Level” and “Contrast.” These settings were recommended for viewing movies. Since virtually all of my TV time is spent watching movies, I chose Cinema 2. That solved the problem and I was able to see all the detail in the night scenes when I test viewed the “Hunger Games” DVD.

I haven’t noticed problems when viewing movies on the DVR, but if that happens, then I dig out the TV and ATT U-Verse manuals and check settings on the TV remote.

I am a :dopefish: for not thinking of checking the manuals. Many many thanks! :smiley:

Nah, with the plug-and-play nature of current electronics, it’s easy to forget simple stuff. I do it all the time. I’m happy it worked out for you, though!

It kind of sounds similar to X-Files black crush issue they had with the initial Season 8 Blu-ray discs. Essentially the color/black levels for the disc were encoded for PC (full range, 0-255), and not for TV (limited range, 16-235) which is how Blu-rays and DVD should be encoded as.

In that case, you can’t really fix it yourself. Only the studio can issue a new, properly encoded disc.

Just wondering if the replacement discs were offered as a free exchange?

Completely free. As long as you e-mailed Fox and told them about the issue. I’ll PM you the information if you want.