Max Payne 1 patches can't be found


Max Payne 1 has alway been one of my favorite game. I wanted to replay it recently, but when i’ve gone to the official website (, in the support section, when i click on the 1.05 patch, it redirect me to the 3D realms website (and of course this last one don’t give any link for downloading patches).
I know Max Payne 1 is an old game, and i know that i can find this patch on many other website, but i would like to see that the official max payne 1 website still give the patch, to proove that developpers still care about their game, even if it’s old.

Best regards and thank you for your attention.

If you buy Max Payne 1 now, it would include the 1.05 patch.

3D Realms Max Payne site:

The legacy website hosts the patch too :slight_smile:

Has always been available on the 3DR site since the day it was posted.

In fact, I didn’t know the patch was available on the 3Drealms website, thank you. But still, the redirection on the maxpayne official website leads to the main page of 3Drealms, not the download section for max payne. Well, anyway, glad to see that patches are alway available :slight_smile:

I usually don’t buy a game twice :slight_smile:

I don’t either, but it was on sale one day. Thing abut physical releases, you never know which batch you’re getting.