Matrix Expanded Universe

While speaking with ScreenRant, Penn spoke about how he wants to revive The Matrix — not reboot it.
Penn makes it clear that he’s not rebooting the beloved franchise, but what else could he possibly do? It sounds like he’ll explore a different corner of the universe established in the Wachowskis’ movies, expanding the series into a possible shared universe.
The animated spinoff The Animatrix presented an anthology of stories, the video game Enter the Matrix explored the story of Niobe and Ghost, while The Matrix Online MMO explored the world after Neo’s sacrifice.It also means that we could see more pc games of The Matrix series in the future,right?

Have there ever been any good Matrix games?

I’m one of those mutants that likes Reloaded & Revolutions. They’re nowhere near as good as the original film of course, but I still like them.

Personally, there was plenty I enjoyed about Reloaded, but Revolutions didn’t do much for me. I liked all the running about in the Matrix. All the stuff back in the real world didn’t interest me as much.

I don’t envy anyone taking on new Matrix films, though. It seems like an impossible task. Half the people are going to expect more of the same kind of action scenes (or worse, expect something just as innovative as The Matrix was when it came out), and the other half will want something completely different. I wonder if they’d be better off just doing something new that’s obviously inspired by The Matrix, but doesn’t carry the name.