Major Stryker Beta Released!


Two days, two Major Stryker posts.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the game, and today we have a special treat. In talking to some of the developers on the actual anniversary, we discovered that we had a working beta version of Major Stryker as well that was dated August 12, 1992. We have decided to release the beta for you to check out. There was one legendary beta that we cannot seem to find - was the first beta. That one was so hard that every single beta tester complained it was too hard. That almost never happens, so it was made a bit easier to play, that is what you’re seeing here.

The game is fairly complete, but it is not totally finished either. The music is there, but no sound effects are there. The gameplay is mostly finished, but not totally polished. Order screens are not finished, and various help is incomplete.

Tech Stuff: This beta does require DOSBox to work - there is no shell provided for this release, nor will we give any support in getting it to work under DOSBox.

Back in the day we used to take multiple steps to prevent our betas from leaking. For some titles we used a physical hardware dongle, and on some we made it so the games had to be played inside a specific date range AND have a specific environment variable and/or a command line parameter to run. Not all of them used all our security methods, but this Major Stryker beta used some of them. To get the game to run right, you need all the files in the directory, and have to start the game with the “PLAY.BAT” batch file inside DOSBox.

Here is the download link:

Summary: We thought this would be something fun you guys would like seeing. Was a fun little surprise to discover on the anniversary day, and after some check with various folks, we’re releasing it for free on the day after. Enjoy!

Who wouldn’t want a mission on the dessert planet? :slight_smile:


ok, I might not be very familiar with Major Stryker (although I did get to complete the whole game).

Nevertheless, the availability of this prototype build is really great!! :smiley:

As usual, many thanks to any individual who had a part in making this possible, if directly, and if not.


Thank you folks for making this available, this was one of my favorite Apogee games. I hope we’ll see more betas and behind-the-scenes kind of things in the future!


I like how the game is still called Stryke Force on the Ordering Info screens.


I asked Allen about that before we released it, as I was going to mention that in the news story. It was my first thought, too.

Allen says he doesn’t remember wanting to call the game that.


That’s strange. It’s in the Apogee FAQ for years that Strike Force (with an ‘I’ instead of a ‘Y’) was a working title for Major Stryker.


That’s what I thought too, but Stryker was mostly Allen’s work, and if he says that, I need to go with it.


COOL! It’s always neat to play beta/development versions of games to see what they looked like before they were released. That’s one of the things that’s awesome about Minecraft, the launcher allows you to select any version going back to public alphas, public betas, public development versions, and even some versions that were private test versions before the first public version.

It’s awesome to see some Apogee games getting the same treatment.


Did 3DRealms ever make a beta version that would self-destroy if run incorrectly?