Lost a save file

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow while starting a new game, one of my profiles in Bombshell got wiped out. Unfortunately it was my main one, which was sitting at level 21. I had been switching between two profiles in recent days, and there didn’t seem to be any trouble.

I was recently re-enabling the dev console and trying to add the test map file name back into the config file to see if I could access it. Could that have had something to do with it?

Hi @Mark

I’ve forward this to devs @ Interceptor. Sorry to hear about this issue!

And I’ve already gotten some feedback. Did you play on the Test Map? This can cause the spawn point to be reset so that when you “Continue”, it will be from here.

Interceptor hope to have a fix for this in the next patch, however, we don’t have a firm date for when this comes out yet.

If you could send us your save file, that would also be a big help.

Hi, Mike, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, before I saw your post I had uninstalled everything. I was running into a problem where the sound occasionally wasn’t working in game, too. Since I never had trouble with either of these issues before, I figured re-installing would cure most of it. At the time it totally slipped my mind that the team may have use for some of the save files. I apologize for that, it was shortsighted on my part!

For what it’s worth, I never did play on the Test Map, as I wasn’t able to access it.

If this is of interest for you, the same thing happened to me. Except that I was playing the game regularly and haven’t used dev console or test map. I checked to make sure that the files are still there in my documents\my games\bombshell\Shell game\saves and everything is where it is supposed to be, but when I open Bombshell, it asks me to create a new profile. I tried to make a new profile, copy and paste my old profile, but nothing. I can send my files to the developers if needed to. Is there anything you can do to help me restore my savegame?

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That’s too bad. Were you pretty far along in the game? Since you’ve still got all your files, hopefully they’re able to help you out. Good luck!

I was at the end. I played 11 hours. So, according to the various maps (having the deluxe edition), I was at the map before the last boss :frowning:

That sucks, you’re so close to the end!

i think you should restart your game or your PC or your Mobile