Looking for 3D Artist (Modeling and maybe even Animating)

Hey there!
Together with 2 friends of mine (a Level/Narrative Designer and a Coder) I am working on a Doom-like set in a Norse Mythology World.

It will feature a lot of modern mechanics, such as skill trees, inventory, etc. and we are looking for a kick-ass 3D Artist that will be responsible for the models and textures of our game!

Ideally, our project will have the look of “Wrath: Aeon of Ruin”! So if your style is in that direction, please hit me up here: the@nikolasjklein.com and you will get an ‘Art Test’ from me to see if you are a good fit!

Looking forward to your input,

Nikolas :slight_smile:

Great, I wish you luck, though I’m only a beginner in the world of level design :sweat_smile: Level design is great and I genuinely enjoy copying the real world examples of architecture; even planning a trip to St. Petersburg for inspiration, there are so many examples of fine architecture: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/920525-cruise-shore-excursions-in-st-petersburg-russia-review
I think nobody has tried to copy it so far, so my works will be really unique :wink: