Latest patch - safe room corridor bug

Just to let you guys at 3D Realms know I found what is “almost” a game-stopper bug…

And a temporary workaround :slightly_smiling:

Anyhow, when Shelly is trying to get into the presidents safe room - there is supposed to be a cut scene that activates and shows the prez being dragged into a portal…

Instead all the models and the character model disappear and you’re STUCK!

Happens every single time on the x64 version.

You can get past this using the x86 version (set to win 7 compatibility mode) and then at the next level just quit and go back to the x64 version.

Please can you devs fix this in the next patch :wink:

Ta’ very much!

Thank you for the headsup! We’re working on a fix now :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for letting us know.

We couldn’t replicate this – were you using DX9 or 11? and Pre-rendered or Realtime cinematics?
Also, could you please zip up these folders and send them to us?

[My Documents/My Games/Bombshell/Shellgame]