Laptop rescue troubleshooting


My Windows 7 laptop suddenly got an error after reboot, saying ‘bootmgr is missing’? How do I fix this? a reinstall would help?


A few years ago I had to fix a problem like that on someone else’s laptop. I had to get a Windows 7 CD/DVD to boot the computer, replace the file, and do a boot repair. I don’t remember how I did it, I googled it and printed it out.

Afterwards when I was able to boot normally, I found that System Restore had eaten up most of the disk space, and had to disable it, reboot, delete all the old shadow copies in Device Manager (Show Hidden Devices turned on), reboot again, defrag, then re-enable System Restore and make sure it was only using 10% of the disk space.


boot into safe mode and repair the files or simple reinstall Windows?


To get a Windows 7 CD/DVD to boot the computer,here is what i did :