...KILL COMMANDO (retro first-person shooter)


Hi, it is difficult to find gamers that love the shooters from 1993 - 1997, but here should be some of them :slight_smile:
In the last five years I spent most of my free time to create a classical FPS with C64 style, named The American delta vengeance action blood force kill commando. It features cute pixel-soldiers, funsplatter, kitschy colors and a synthesizer score. This week I finalized a trailer:

If you want to read more about it, you can visit the indieDB page: indiedb.com/games/kill-commando

or ask me something, here :relaxed:

Merry Christmas!


This looks terribad, and in a good way :smiley:
Looking forward to it!


Thanks :wink:
I hope that I can finalize it in the next weeks and I will publish it on itchio and gamejolt. Until then you can enjoy the teaser poster:


The game is released and it can be downloaded for free on itchio:



Downloaded. Unpacked. WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!?


Itโ€™s also available on gamejolt

1700 people canโ€™t be wrong!