Is the Abomination boss battle supposed to be this difficult

This thing is kicking my ass like there’s not tomorrow, is it really supposed to be this much of a difficulty spike?

Which stage of the battle are you at? Using the Bowling Bombs is a big help.

Yeah, the bowling bombs really help, I made all the way to the last “tier” when the boss is vomiting the green bile all over you but the damned thing keeps one hitting my armor every tiem.

The Bubble Shield is great for keeping yourself safe from the acid for a few moments. But if you haven’t purchased it with Skill Points yet, I think it’s best to stay on the far left corner. Could be wrong, though. It’s been a long time since I’ve played that level underpowered.

I’ve got the Ion Maiden secondary fire (Rail Gun) and Bubble Shield leveled up, so it makes quick work of Abomination.

I finally did it, somehow, the battle became much easier, God knows why. At first I thought Steam in some way forgotten to update the game to post 1.2 patch, but nope, everything was up to date. Now I’m losing my mind at how useless the maxigun is against the undead warriors of Zeroth. And the game just crashed on me, I think I’m done for the day.

The Maxigun is a pretty solid weapon once it’s fully upgraded. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the enemies with shields can deflect your fire back on to you.

That goes for the Ion Maiden’s Rail Gun feature, too, if I remember correctly, which will kill you in one deflected shot if it’s leveled up enough. I also recall the game would crash on me alot after those shot-deflection deaths, so there’s an added incentive to avoid them. Just look out for when they start their animation of “planting” their shield, and stop firing at them then. You can lob a few bowling bombs at them, or just wait for them to exit their cover and start blasting away again.

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True, the Ion Maiden’s Rail Gun is really powerful, makes short work of pretty much any enemy. But I’ve finished the game and so far found the Maxigun to be lackluster, very inaccurate fire, wastes too much ammo and doesn’t pack enough damage per round as the Ion Maiden does.

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