Is reanimating the abandoned player model possible?

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In the test level there is the abanoned player model (the older concept with the shaved side of the head) to be seen dancing. Would it be possible, when the editing tools are released, to exchange the current player model with the abandoned one?


Nope. New Shelly has all brand new skeleton for animations. The abandoned Shelly has older skeleton that only plays enemy anims and old Duke anims.

Only way to play as her is wait for mod tools(if they ever come at all, considering game’s scores & sales).

Here, read this.

How did you access this? I finished the game and I haven’t seen it anywhere obvious.

Press tab to bring up the console, then use following command:

start AITestMap


Thanks, funduke! I’ll give it a try. I don’t know why, but I had assumed it was something that came up after you finished the game.