Ion Maiden Reveal Trailer!


Hello everybody, really happy to enter the hype.
I already own my GOG copy, willing to play more.
Please keep up the great work.


I only found out about the game today and man, nostalgia hit me like a freight train on full speed! Those screenshots have Shadow Warrior written all over them, heh. It seems my old 3D Realms forum account (made somewhere in 2005 I think) didn’t survive the transition to this new system so I signed up under my old name and I think I got my old avatar too, just so other mayhap recognize me. I was active in the Duke3D community some years ago under the same name (mostly here and Alejandro’s Mapping Centre) and made roughly 30 maps I published on my sites and If you can remember any of this, loads of internets to you! Heck, I may try building some new levels for Ion Maiden. I can’t recall why I quite making maps, maybe it was time for something new. But hell, I miss those good old days!