Ion Maiden Reveal Trailer!


Supposedly they’re working on that but there was a post on the Duke4 forums that mentions some settings to change like disabling v-sync


even the signal lights work together … (yes, minor detail, but hey)

Forget the old Build games! This is a very detailed and immersive level.
Since I never was a Duke 3D fan, I go as far as to say: Like Duke only better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the game.


I am moist for this game. MOIST, I TELL YOU.

But will it run at an acceptable lick on a PC that otherwise meets the recommended spec but only has crappy Intel HD 4600 graphics?



Box cover would be great if it had her posing similar to duke or low. Same kinda artwork. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I already told you via e-mail, but, thank you for supporting the Linux platform :smiley:


It lags a bit for me, but playable. Try checking Intel site for the latest driver, if any exist.


@ The_Dukenator:
TerminX mentioned on duke4, that the game will be better optimized.


Thanks! A bit of lag won’t kill me.


So, sometime later and I’ve put 7 hours into this Preview.
I’ve put more time into this short preview then I have in the two episodes of DUSK.

That says something.

I was browsing the Press Kit this morning, and saw a few screenshots and short little video clips showing other levels. Can’t wait for the full release.


On Steam and at duke4 there is talk about a Beta Patch. Is this a real patch and if so, how do I get it?
I got my game through 3D Realms.

Cheers, Hank


Update for the Preview Campaign has officially been released on STEAM.

Preview Campaign Update 1 is LIVE!

What a great few weeks.
The entire team has been absolutely stoked by all the great feedback on the reveal and launch of the Ion Maiden Preview Campaign.

The game is currently at a 97% Steam rating, which completely blew us away!
We knew we had something great on our hands, but we were completely taken by surprise with all the positive feedback we’ve gotten so far.

The team is hard at work on the full version of Ion Maiden, and while that’s still some months ahead of us, we’ve also been working hard on the first official update to the Ion Maiden Preview Campaign, which is available NOW!

It’s based on a lot of feedback we’ve gathered from you guys over the last few weeks.


Ion Maiden Preview Campaign Update 1 Changelog:

Important Notes:
User data is now stored in “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Ion Maiden Preview Campaign” on Windows and “~/.config/maiden” on Linux.
The save format version number has been bumped, meaning your old saves will no longer work. This may happen repeatedly during the Early Access period.


  • Overall Performance Boosts!
  • An occasional crash when performing random actions, including flipping lightswitches, has been fixed.
  • A bug that would cause the player to sometimes switch to the wrong game mode when loading a game has been fixed.
  • Optimizations to the game world logic have been made to improve performance in some circumstances and shrink savegame file sizes.
  • Mouse aiming has been reworked to allow much greater precision of movement.
  • The mouse axis scale sliders can now go all the way to zero.
  • New “save setup” menu, allowing autosaves to be disabled and a limit to be set on the maximum number of autosaves to keep at any one time.
  • Savegames can now be deleted with the Delete key.
  • Keyboard bindings for aiming up, down, and returning the view to the center can now be configured.
  • A key or button can now be assigned to switch to the player’s previously selected weapon.
  • The sizes and brightness of certain pickup items have been increased
  • Armor fragments are now more visible.
  • Awkward delay after SMG reload has been fixed.
  • The easiest skill level should now be easier, and the hardest should now be harder
  • Volume slider no longer treats 50% as 0%


^ thus - how do those who bought this on 3D Realms get the update?:scream:


Log into the 3DR site, go into My Games, it’s there under Ion Maiden.


@ GallonOfAlan - sweet :grinning:


Yeah, sorry, the update went live either later last night or early this morning.
Meant to update the thread before I went to work… forgot. :stuck_out_tongue:


^ No worries.
I was just reminded tonight, what a luxury it is to live in a country and can get distressed about Steam users getting a game patch sooner.

Had a quick run; Ion Maiden does work much smoother now. Thank you all.


Can you display a timestamp against save games please.


Been playing the crap out of it and I’m super hyped about the full version! I found it to be an extremely enjoyable experience judging by the preview campaign, barring some performance issues that I hear are being resolved.

Here’s my first impression review:


Big thank you and both thumbs up for Ion Maiden!
It’s now also avaiable from GOG:



The game really is fantastic.
I’ve been pushing it on as many friends as possible on Steam.