Ion Maiden Feedback -/ Suggestions Thread


All forum posters are invited to post their feedback and suggestions into this thread. Hopefully, someone in the 3D ranks will have an eye on it.

I’m a huge fan of this retro shooter coming up. I played DN3D religiously, and was thoroughly impressed and inspired by its level-, weapon- and gameplay design at its time.
I’ve played the ‘shareware’ version multiple times and still feel like coming back, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Here a couple issues that I have with the early-access state of the game:

1. Give the Electrifryer a regular attack rhythm.

As in original Doom and DN3D, the baseline melee waepon should not play a big role in this kind of shooter, but I’m still somewhat frustrated with the 3-hit-combo of the Melee-weapon, mainly because of its downtime between combos, which I feel is a bit too long. It makes using the weapon feel clunky to me. It being really weak and having limited use (against those little skullbots when in an airduct f.e.) is absolutely okay, but the “no-punch lag” between combos gives me a very clunky feel that makes me actively dislike/ be annoyed with this weapon. I don’t think that straightening out the attack rate would impact its current role and damage output a lot. I just want it to be fun to use as this pretty insignificant but still potentially ammo-saving utility weapon.

I would suggest a constant, regular attack-rhythm for the melee weapon, for better and more pleasant handling (or maybe reduce the downtime between combos).

2. Make moving down ladders easier!

Right now, it’s hard to get a grip on ladders when you want to climb down. It usually involves having to let oneself drop down while facing the ladder, then during the short free fall move towards it, and having to let go of the forwards-movement button once you get a grip on the ladder, so as not to accidentally climb up again and therefore having to re-start the whole process.

A clean ‘use’ button press while facing a ladder at ones feet, to automatically move down and change facing so as to end up attached to the top position of the ladder would be great!

3. Increase stickyness of ladders! Don’t let strafe movement alone break the grip on the ladder!

There are situations where you strafe during free fall, trying to direct your fall movement towards a ladder. I often experience reaching the leader, actually gripping it, but then letting it go again almost immediately because I didn’t release the strafe button quickly enough. It feels a bit too punishing for me as it is. It’s paticularly frustrating when one should feel awesome about having successfully maneuvered a tricky jump/fall.

I suggest to make strafing only break the grip on the ladder in combination with jump!

Placeholder for future suggestions, will update later

I really like this game so far, and am looking forward to it! Hoping that the dev team will knock this one out the park!


I would like an option to remove the HUD face as I’m not used to Build games with HUD faces and it just distracts me.

When I play games such as Doom these days I usually disable the full HUD anyway.


You can already do that!

’ + ’ and ’ - ’ are the keybindings for ‘enlarge-’ and ‘shrink screen’. At the moment, they don’t really do that, but when you press ’ + ’ to get the maximum enlarged screen status, the HUD disappears, while ’ - ’ makes it reappear!

(Nice idea btw, I’ll use this as an excuse for another run through the preview campaign :wink: )


Will there be driveable vehicles in Ion Maiden?

It wasn’t really much of a thing in Build games (o.g. Shadow Warrior was the only one, I think, that used them), but I think something like that helps to break up the monotony in many first person action games.
Also, who can forget that insane speeding motorcycle sequence in that crazy Duke Forever Trailer-based fan mod for Duke 3D on youtube?

Setting certain levels aboard a large moving vehicle like a train or an airship (ala Blood) would be cool too.